World End Economica

World End Economica Anime First Trailer Shows Off Haru, Hagana, and The Lunar Stock Market

Earlier this week, Team SpicyTails released the first promotional trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of World End Economica. This is the same anime that Team SpicyTails went through a crowdfunding process in order to gain advertising funds for back in December, and the anime itself was funded by Japanese investor Akira Katayama in order to give back and inspire more people to become investors.

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Check out the anime trailer below:

The original World End Economica visual novels were released as part of three volumes, and it seems that the anime will mainly focus on the end of Episode 1, Episode 2 with bits of Episode 3. The anime is being animated by ENISHIYA, a company which to this point seems to only have worked on music videos and commercials for Weathering With You up until this point. Hal/Haru is voiced by Shouya Chiba, Hagana is voiced by Natsumi Haruse, Eleanor is voiced by M.A.O., and main antagonist Barton is voiced by Masashi Ebara.

The plot of World End Economica involves the successful colonization of the Moon, and how it becomes regarded as the haven of mankind due to pollution on Earth. However, the Lunar colony is also ruled by ruthless capitalism, to the point where only two rules matter: Never take a loss, and never forget the first rule. Amidst all this, a young boy named Yoshiharu (Haru for short) runs away from home, and begins to play the Lunar stock market in order to earn the fortune that he desires.

All three episodes of World End Economica are immediately available on PCs. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita versions of the visual novel series are in development. An official Twitter for the series is now available, and a manga adaptation by Haruichi Hashimoto is in the works.

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