World End Economica Anime Kickstarter Will Pay Its “Advertising Fees”

world end economica anime kickstarter

The World End Economica anime Kickstarter has begun. Revealed at the end of October 2019, it is asking for ¥5,000,000/$46,050 by January 4, 2020. As of 9:15am CT, over $21,000 has been raised. Interestingly enough, World End Economica author Isuna Hasekura noted in the pitch that, “All of the money we receive from you, our supporters, will be used for advertising fees.”

When talking about the project, Hasekura noted that an investor named Akira Katayama emailed asking if it would be possible to make a World End Economica anime, suggesting footing all the costs for the production. After meeting with Katayama, Hasekura accepted. He noted that the visual novel’s popularity and a concern that they “might not be able to get the best anime studio or voice cast to work on it.” They are working on an anime trailer, footing all the production costs on their own, and are asking for fans to help crowdfund advertisements to spread the news about World End Economica and make a quality project possible.

The smallest possible World End Economica anime pledge someone can make and get a reward is the ¥3,000/$28 Intern level. This gives people a Steam key for the three-episode visual novel, rights to see the PV ahead of others, and an original PC background. The estimated delivery window is May 2020.

All three episodes of World End Economica are immediately available on PCs. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita versions of the visual novel are in development, with Sekai Games’ last update saying they should arrive in Winter 2019. The anime’s Kickstarter campaign will end on January 4, 2020.

Jenni Lada
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