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Our World is Ended’s First Trailer Shows The Developers Who Doomed The World



Red Entertainment shared the first trailer for Our World is Ended, an upcoming PS Vita visual novel about a group of developers who must save the world after their own creations come to life.


A group of small-time game developers known as “Judgment 7” was determined to come up with a new game that can flip the game industry upside down, and began work on a new RPG using AR technology in the summer of 2017.


However, the perverted programmer “Owari Sekai” carelessly writes an evil program that “augments reality” by making their characters, setting, and scenario come to life. And now, the world is heading into a scenario of destruction. This is the start of the painful battle to bring the world back to normal.


Our World is Ended releases in Japan on November 9, 2017 for PlayStation Vita. You can read more details about the game in our previous report.

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