World II World Trailer Introduces the Game’s Two Worlds

World II World

Aniplex and RPG Time: The Legend of Wright developer DeskWorks are working on a new mobile RPG: World II World (pronounced “World To World“). To promote it, the companies have released the first in a series of world-building trailers to introduce players to the game’s setting. Of key importance is the separation between the game’s two worlds [Thanks, Famitsu!].

Check out the trailer below. It lays out the premise of the story, as well as showing off some of the game’s graphics and character designs.

The concept of having two worlds in World II World is woven into the very format of its structure. The game plays out over two screens arranged vertically on the player’s device screen. Players will be able to manipulate characters in each “world” screen independently, watching cutscenes and engaging in battles on each screen in turn. Sometimes one character on the top screen will be battling, while the other on the bottom screen converses or explores.

The game’s setting hinges on the separation of the two worlds: One floating in the sky and ruled by the robotic “Machina”, and another scrabbling below, populated by humans, called “Labor”. The story begins when a Labor boy named Fujoh encounters a Machina girl named LA-CCA. The two form a bond, and even exchange “parts”, with Fujoh and LA-CCA trading mechanical forearms.

The World II World trailer also introduces other characters from the different worlds, with differing art styles to distinguish their respective environments. The Machina characters have a smooth, android-like appearance, while the Labor characters sport bulky cybernetic enhancements and more mechanical-looking gear.

World II World is in development for iOS and Android, with an expected debut in Japan during Winter 2022 and 2023.

Josh Tolentino
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