In A World Of Magic, You Alone Can’t Use It In One Small Fire At A Time



Janis is the only person who cannot use magic, setting her up for persecution in a world of wizardly power, in One Small Fire at a Time, the next visual novel from the developers of An Octave Higher. It is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.




In the world of One Small Fire At A Time, magic can cure any disease, but cannot heal the mind. Those with mental afflictions are sent to madhouses, and are only able to leave should they somehow recover.




Main character Janis has a difficult life in this world, as she cannot use magic. This prompts her to be bullied even within a madhouse until Aidan, a mage and police commander, comes to her aid.




The game is a prequel to An Octave Higher, set 22 years before the events of that game. It is set to release in Q2 this year.

Alistair Wong
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