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World Map And Gameplay Footage For Kirby: Star Allies Shown; Sleep Ability Joins The Fray In Kirby: Battle Royale


kirby BR2


New gameplay for Kirby: Star Allies was shown recently, and a look at the world map was also revealed on Twitter. In other Kirby-related news, the Sleep copy ability won the poll for Kirby: Battle Royale, and is available as a free update as of February 2, 2018.


Gameplay footage: [Thanks, GameXplain]


World map:



The world map in Kirby: Star Allies will act similarly to the one in Super Mario 3D World, where players can walk off the road and explore the surroundings for potential goodies. The screenshot shows off Point Stars in the back that can be used to gain an extra life.


Sleep ability joins the battle in Kirby: Battle Royale



Kirby: Battle Royale held a second Copy Ability poll soon after Mirror was declared the winner, and the results were recently revealed. The Sleep Ability was the most popular ability in Japan, America, and Europe, and the ability has been added in a free update to Japanese copies, with English copies presumably receiving it soon.


Here is the trailer for the ability:


…Yes, this means that the joke ability has an actual moveset now.


Kirby: Battle Royale is available for Nintendo 3DS.  Kirby: Star Allies will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 16, 2018. You can read our playtest of Kirby: Battle Royale here.

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