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World Trigger: Borderless Mission Lets You Mix And Match Triggers And Teams



In Bandai Namco’s upcoming title, World Trigger: Borderless Mission, you’ll get to team up to cooperate of PvP with friends on PlayStation Vita. Famitsu’s latest update on the game shows us more of its battle system.


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World Trigger: Borderless Mission has all kinds of missions in the game, some will have you cooperate with others, while some missions will have you take on different players. You’ll also need to group up in teams.


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Sometimes you’ll go up against giant Trion Soldiers, and teamwork is the key to beating these huge foes. Knowing how to properly work together with snipers, riflemen, and archers will be crucial in these fights. Player positioning is another important aspect.


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As previously mentioned, cooperation isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing, as there are team battles. These are 4v4 fights that will let you mix and match characters to make your own dream team.



Customizing your Trigger is another important part of the game. For example, you can make Osamu into a sniper or Yuma into a shooter, depending on the type of Trigger customization.


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You’ll get “Border Coins” as rewards for clearing missions. These are used to purchase Triggers, so you’ll want to get as many as you can by taking on all kinds of different missions.


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Each Class has their own Triggers that they can equip and certain things in which they specialize. The characters also have their preferences when it comes to Triggers, so you can choose to go with what they’re best at, or decide to go with something completely different.


World Trigger: Borderless Mission will release in Japan on September 17, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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