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Would You Dare Eat These Corpse Party-Themed Meals?



To commemorate the upcoming release of the Nintendo 3DS remake of the first Corpse Party game, a couple shops worked up some ghoulish collaboration menu items. 4Gamer shows us a closer look at the spooky foods.



Over at Karaoke Pasela, which are known for having various collaborations with video games like the Persona 4: Dancing All Night, will feature various Corpse Party-themed meals and beverages.


The “Sachiko Ever After Pizza” has the iconic shape of the mystical charm as a topping, which they recommend splitting with your friends. The sweets in the middle is the “Heavenly Host Elementary School Honey Toast.” If you’re wondering, Honey Toast are basically sweet caramelized bread topped with ice cream and various fruits.


Next, the red drink in the middle is called the “Tragic  Bloodstained Mixed Berry Soda,” which is actually a mixed berry soda with some collagen jelly inside to make it look like blood. To the right of that is the “Creeping Pineapple Milk,” which is based off the image of the Kisaragi Academy uniforms.



Each Corpse Party collaboration menu item will also come with an original pin. There are 12 of them total.



The Akihabara shop has a special collaboration room, where you’ll get to check out the characters in horror as you consume the Corpse Party meals. Karaoke Pasela’s collaboration will go on until August 15th.



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The “From Heavenly Host Elementary School? Mayu Curry & Wrong End Rice” is made from a Pakistani-style spicy tomato curry. It also includes an original postcard and sticker. This collaboration will carry on until August 16th.



The “Karashibi Corpse Chilled-Ramen” from Kikanbo is definitely the winner for the most graphic collaboration food item. It features beets to give it a more red color, a blue-dyed egg, ominous konjac, and yogurt-based eyeballs. There’s even a nice fleshy piece of roast beef to top it off. The meal comes with a bottle of “Ghost hot sauce” for an extra kick.



Those who can muster up the courage to try this horrifying bowl of noodles will get the above original postcard as a present. Kikanbo’s Corpse Party collaboration will start on August 1st until the 31st.


Corpse Party for Nintendo 3DS is slated for release in Japan on July 30, 2015.

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