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Would You Go Into A Dungeon To Save Your Petrified Sister?



Nippon Ichi and ClaDun maker System Prisma have a new PlayStation 3 dungeon crawler in the works. The story of Labyrinth Tower Legacista actually begins centuries before the game starts.


Technology peaked in the past when people feared magic and curses. A millennium passed and their discoveries lay dormant in what’s now known as the Ivy Tower.


Legacista56 Legacista55

No one has entered the tower since, but that’s… about to change. Alto (left), the main character in Labyrinth Tower Legacista, has to step inside the tower. His sister (right) has been petrified and the optimistic 17-year old is searching for a cure inside the Ivy Tower’s rail yard.


Legacista3 Legacista9 Legacista4 Legacista7

He meets Melize (bottom left), a humanoid robot and switches her on inside. She was created by the ancient society and knows about the rail yard. Dungeon-san (bottom right) is also from the past and is tasked with taking care of the Ivy Tower. You can buy items from Dungeon-san like bean sprouts.


Bean sprouts? Yes, bean sprouts. Alto can plant these in the dungeon to create items, which you can eat or throw at enemies. Edible items can cure Alto from status effects like poison that paralyzes him or prevents him from casting spells.


Legacista25 Legacista34 Legacista26  Legacista36


Players will be able to switch between Alto and Melize in the game’s dungeons and Legacista is one big dungeon with breakable weapons. Legacista is slated for release on March 15 in Japan.


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