In Wrestling RPG Suplex Saga, Wowing The Crowd Is As Important As Beating Opponents


In the wrestling-based world of Suplex Saga, beating the opponent requires more than just hitting them with the same move over and over until their life is depleted. If players hope to succeed, they’ll need to impress the ever-present audience with clever moves, attack variety, and effective inputs, gaining bonuses that will carry them through their matches.


Wrestling is real, and infused into every aspect of daily life in the world of Suplex Saga. However, wrestling has turned life upside down for Ace, an indie wrestler, when he finds his home promotion destroyed by the Universal Wrestling Corporation (UWC). Players will have to help Ace pull off a comeback, growing his stable of wrestlers to take on the UWC and restore the fame to his family name.

To do that, players will wrestle their way across Suplex Saga’s world, doing so through turn-based matches. In these fights, players will have access to various submissions, aerial moves, kicks, punches, weapons, and summons (which can draw some much-needed help to each match). Players can customize which moves they wish each wrestler in their party to have, and can execute these moves with timed button presses or fighting game-like inputs.


Choosing moves at the right time, executing them flawlessly, and using a variety of attacks in combat will build up Heat, which will get the audience excited and grant damage bonuses, free items, and other helpful boosts to the player. Getting the audience pumped for a match will be key to winning some challenging battles against the UWC.

Suplex Saga is currently raising funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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