Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Gameplay Trailer Shows Open-World Action

Punishing Gray Raven developer Kuro Game debuted a new look at Wuthering Waves, its new game. Titled “Sunoare”, the trailer showcased more in-development footage of the open-world action title.

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Check out the Wuthering Waves gameplay trailer below.

The Wuthering Waves trailer shows off a mix of cutscene, combat and environmental traversal gameplay. A male playable character travels about a large open-world map with long vistas. They and other, unnamed female playable characters, are shown gliding through the air while holding an umbrella-like glider. The glider itself is made up of multiple rigid panels, similar to the one used by Fragile in Death Stranding. Characters can swim, climb, swing on ropes, and even run along vertical walls.

They can use these moves in combat, too, to gain height advantage on enemies. The trailer also shows an in-game town or settlement of some kind. From some of the character interactions shown, it may be a hub for quests or narrative events in the final release of Wuthering Waves. In combat, characters can belt out combos, and the gameplay shows free-switching of different characters in the party. As the game is in development, no UI or interface is visible, though.

Wuthering Waves takes place in the world imperiled by unknown beings following a disaster called the “Calament”. With survivors uniting to rebuild civilization, the player-controlled “Rover” begins their journey.

Wuthering Waves is confirmed for mobile devices, but does not have a release window. An international release is not yet confirmed.

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