Xander Joins Fire Emblem Heroes In New Grand Hero Battle



Fire Emblem Heroes kicked off their latest Grand Hero Battle, and it features none other than Xander who makes his debut (well, as a non-rabbit Xander) alongside a new Summoning Focus.


You can take on the Special Maps for Xander: Paragon Knight at Lv.30 for Hard Mode, which gets you a 3-star Xander upon completion. The Lv.40 Lunatic Mode one gives you a 4-star Xander. His stats are pretty good and he also comes with plenty of defense from his passive skills, so you’ll definitely want to check this one out while it’s available.


The Xander Summoning Focus will be available through May 8, 2017.



The new “Battling Xander” Summoning Focus is also available through May 8. It features Linde, Chrom, Cordelia, and Arthur. However, unless you really want or need Chrom or Linde, I’d recommend sticking to the “Hero Fest” one that has Takumi, Hector, Ryoma, and Azura with the 5% odds instead of the usual 3%.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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