When Square Enix unveiled The Last Remnant, it was a multiplatform game with a planned worldwide release. Square Enix is sticking to their plan, but it’s now a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. The internally developed game will be available worldwide (read: Japan, North America, and Europe) this winter. The worldwide release may be similar to Infinite Undiscovery, which comes out in North America first on September 2. Europe gets it on September 5, and Japan/Asia gets it on September 11.


The official Last Remnant site has been updated to reflect the game will only come to the Xbox 360 this winter, and does not mention a release window for the PlayStation 3 version. The most recent trailer is below and it has the same “for Xbox 360” text the Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope trailer has.














Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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