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Xbox Insider Program Reveals Self-Service Refunds


dYawp2j People with an Xbox One or Windows 10 PC may find themselves enjoying a new refund program for digital purchases in the near future. A Self-Service Refund program was announced for alpha testers of the Xbox Insider Program. With this service, people would be able to receive a self-service refund on a digital product by going into the Payment & Billing section of their account, checking their Order History, and choosing to Request a Refund. Provided they meet certain conditions, they’ll get it. (Thanks, Reddit and NeoGAF!)


The Self-Service Refund conditions were noted as part of the announcement. Add-ons, season passes, and some Windows 10 apps will not be eligible for these refunds. To get a refund, you will need to wait until one day after its release, have downloaded it, and have launched it at least once. If you have owned it for under 14 days and it has been played less than two hours across every account, then it will be possible to request a refund. However, Microsoft does note that people who abuse the Self-Service Refund system will have access blocked to the service.


To become an Xbox Insider Program participant, people need to go to My Games & Apps on their Xbox One, then choose the Xbox Preview Dashboard option from the Updates tab. Once downloaded and updated, you can visit the Xbox Insider Hub on your system and go to Insider Content to select Previews and join. There are four tiers of beta access, with Alpha being the highest and Beta, Ring 3, and Ring 4 following. To reach higher tiers, participants need to participate in previews and provide feedback on a regular basis. Failure to do so could cause someone to remain in one tier or even cause someone who was at one point an Alpha to drop to a lower rank.

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