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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Shows A Cute T-elos Re: With Glasses And Poppibuster’s Explosive Moves



We recently learned that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is adding two new Rare Blades with T-elos Re: from Xenosaga as well as Poppibuster in the Ver. 1.4.0 update, and we now have introduction videos for the two from the series’ official Twitter account.


T-elos Re: (CV: Mariko Suzuki)


Like her rival KOS-MOS Re:, T-elos Re: has crossed over from a different series. She’s voiced by Mariko Suzuki and designed by CHOCO, who did work on her design in Xenosaga. T-elos Re: becomes available after clearing the story.


Poppibuster (CV: Misaki Kuno & Yasuyuki Kase)


A Rare Blade with a tough metallic exterior with a Poppi-like character piloting it. It has an explosive special attack that’s worth seeing. Poppibuster is voiced by Misaki Kuno & Yasuyuki Kase and designed by main character designer Masatsugu Saito. This Rare Blade will only be available to those with the Expansion Pass.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch. The 1.4.0 update with both Rare Blades will arrive on April 27, 2018. You can read more details about it in our previous report.

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