Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Adds T-elos Re: From Xenosaga And Poppi Buster On April 27

Nintendo and Monolith Soft shared update notes for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Ver. 1.4.0 that adds two new Rare Blades with Xenosaga’s T-elos and Poppibuster who is exclusive to the Expansion Pass.

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Poppi Buster is a Rare Blade who will be available only to those who purchased the Expansion Pass. Masatsugu Saito is the designer. While Poppi is an Artificial Blade only for Tora, Poppibuster is one that can be used by other Drivers other than Tora.


Poppi Buster is obtained through a quest. If you’re wondering about the yellow Poppi or the antenna-like object on its head, you can find out from its special quest.


T-elos Re:

The next one is T-elos Re: who was made possible thanks to Bandai Namco. She’ll be available to those who have cleared the game. Her Blade design is by CHOCO. T-elos Re: was first introduced a rival of KOS-MOS in the Xenosaga series. When Kunihiko Tanaka designed KOS-MOS Re:, CHOCO learned that he was putting in efforts to pay respect to CHOCO, so in reply he said “Then I shall do the same for Tanaka-san” as he designed in a way to return the favor.


While T-elos Re: is a little cuter from her original version in Xenosaga, CHOCO says that her main point of focus is found in her visor. The modeler who was in charge definitely paid respects to CHOCO-san’s thoughts and put everything into her model.


T-elos Re: will be available as a Rare Blade to everyone who beats the game. Upon beating the game you can go into your menu screen and see a star next to your currency. If that’s there then that means you’ve met the requirements to meet T-elos Re:.


That said, you’ll need to get T-elos Re: through Core Crystals, but she has a very high appearance rate, so it shouldn’t be difficult to resonate with her.


As for other changes coming to Ver 1.4.0, you’ll get to exchange bonus EXP for Poppi Parts in New Game+. There will also be a new sort option for the menus.


Starting May, those who’ve purchased the Expansion Pass will get to enjoy new quests, more Rare Blades, Challenge Battles, and there are plans to add the new “Extreme” difficulty. One new Rare Blade is being designed by a new illustrator and new voice actor as a completely original Rare Blade for the Expansion Pass.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch. The 1.4.0 Update will be available on April 27, 2018.

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