In case you hadn’t heard, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D isn’t exactly lighting the sales charts up in Japan. As previously reported, the New Nintendo 3DS port of Xenoblade launched in Japan last week and sold just 56,932 copies in its first week.


To make matters worse, Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D sold through just 58.66% of its shipment, which means there was no shortage of copies on store shelves, waiting to be bought.


(In comparison, the original Wii release of Xenoblade sold 82,952 copies at launch, with a sell-through of 76.29%.)


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D’s weak sales can probably be attributed to the fact that it is a port of an old game that is exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS. It also barely had any effect on New 3DS sales the week it was released, so it appears 3DS owners didn’t feel the need to upgrade to the new device for this particular game.


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