Xenoblade Chronicles X Details Its Exploration System

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As a member of BLADE, you’ll have plenty of exploring to do in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The game’s official website shares information on how you’ll do just that, using the Frontier Net exploration system on your Wii U GamePad.


In Xenoblade Chronicles X, mankind is new to Planet Mira, so they to seek out resources in order to survive, while also looking for pods that contain cryogenically-frozen humans to add to the population.



The Frontier Net system is used by BLADE to help in the exploration of Mira’s various regions, where members will Data Probe from different areas to gather information and resources.



Data-probing is where you go around looking for “Frontier Net Spots” to dig for data, and they come with all kinds of benefits. Sometimes, you’ll find rare minerals like the all-purpose “Miranium” or “Rare Resources,” and other times, you’ll find treasure chests by completing quests, where you can get upgrades for the Data Probes.



By setting Data Probes, you can get all kinds of different effects and benefits. Most of this is done using the Wii U GamePad. Here’s a look at the different Data Probes there are:



Mining Probe: Increases production and the amount of “Miranium” you can gather.



Research Probe: If you discover any secret areas or places with splendid views near one of these, you’ll acquire profits from sightseeing.



Battle Probe: You’ll gain various beneficial effects in battle, while fighting in an area with this Probe.



Storage Probe: Increase the max number of Miranium that can be stored.



Power-up Probe: Enhances the main functions of adjacent Data Probes.



Copy Probe: Copies the functions of adjacent Data Probes.


img_field03_02 img_field03_03


Once a Data Probe is set, it will be marked on the “Segment Map” on the Wii U GamePad. Segments represent different areas shown as hexagons on the map. Here are some of the icons that are used for the Segment Maps:



This indicates that there’s a Frontier Net Spot in the Segment.


This one looks similar, but it means that a Data Probe has been installed.


You can “Skip Travel” to Segments with this icon, by using the Wii U GamePad to instantly teleport to the area.


These appear when there’s no information behind the specific Segment.


Additionally, each Segment can have markers, that are often used as indicators for missions and objectives.


An indication of an exceptionally powerful monster, also known as an “Overed”.


This icon means that there’s a treasure chest, here.


These show up when the objective of a normal quest is in the Segment.


Similar to the normal quest, except these are for bonding quests.


These show up when an objective is met.

Players won’t have access to the mecha-weapons right away, so traveling and exploring might be a little tough at first; however, they’ll be able to use the “Hopper Camera” to get a good view of what’s ahead.

img_field04_01 img_field04_02

Being able to get a better view of the area can be quite helpful should you ever get lost in the vast regions of Mira. You can also use the Hopper Camera to find some routes or secret areas you may have not noticed before as well.



If the Hopper Cam isn’t enough, or you’re just not the best when it comes to navigating, the “Navigation Ball” will help guide you to your objective area, and you can use them as many times as you want.


Finally, here’s a look at Ru, one of the residents of Mira.


2015-02-19_041035 img_chara09-01

Ru is from an indigenous race that has been on Planet Mira since before the Nopon or any other race. He makes a living as an inventor and sells off his crafts and inventions to others. He’s a curious character that oddly gets along quite well with humans, and is kind of a history buff.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29th and later this year in North America and Europe for the Wii U.

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