Xenoblade Chronicles X: Details On Creating Weapons And The Other Alien Races You’ll Encounter

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Planet Mira and its vast continents have plenty to offer, from races of different backgrounds to all kinds of weapons you can make with rare resources found across the planet. The game’s official website shares more on making weapons and on other races in the game.



At the shopping district, you’ll come across the Arms Company, where they sell and develop equipment for characters and Dolls. There are companies such as the Sakuraba Heavy Industry, Granada GG, and Meledes & Co.


Players can support certain companies, and have them create newer and better gear by leveling them up.


To give you a better idea on how it works, these companies can be upgraded by offering them all-purpose minerals known as Miranium, or by simply using a company’s weapon and acquiring Commercial Points by defeating enemies. You can also request upgrades with the Affix Enhancement feature. This is done by offering various material found throughout Mira, and providing them to upgrade accessories.


As previously reported, equipment also has slots, which you can use to input “Devices” into them, as power-ups and effects to the gear. This is also done by finding material in Mira, then making the Device with them. Additionally, the Arms Company can make brand new equipment by simply giving them rare material.



Humans aren’t the only ones living on Mira, as there are some races that have been living on the planet since way before, along with others from distant planets. Here’s a look at some of the more common races you’ll find during your time on Planet Mira:


The Nopon:


The Nopon are indigenous to Planet Mira, and they’re known for traveling around the planet in their caravan to sell merchandise.


The MaNon:


The MaNon are Peaceful extraterrestrials with highly advanced technology.


The Vaias:


Contrary to the MaNon, the Vaias are hostile toward humans, and they’re one of the more aggressive groups of extraterrestrials on Planet Mira.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29th and later this year in North America and Europe for the Wii U.

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