Xenoblade Chronicles X Is In The Final Stages Of Development

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Following yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, where we got to see the latest footage and screenshots from Xenoblade Chronicles X, developers Monolith Soft shared a message for fans on their newly opened website for the game.


Monolith Soft began by asking if you fans enjoyed the latest Nintendo Direct, where we got to see the latest look at their upcoming game, Xenoblade Chronicles X. According to Monolith, they’re currently entering the final stages of development, and the staff are all in high spirits. However, Nintendo recently told them that an official website for the game will need a little more time to prepare.


So, after giving it some thought, Monolith Soft decided to go ahead and make a website for Xenoblade Chronicles X on their own. They say that it was something that was made in a hurry, but they were able to create the game’s main visual as seen on the top page of the website.


The folks at Monolith Soft initially feared that they would get in trouble after being told by Nintendo to wait a little longer for the site. As it turns out, and to their surprise, Nintendo simply responded with a “go ahead” and let them create the site.


However, they’re still not sure whether the website by Monolith Soft will become obsolete once Nintendo opens their own official website, or if this one will manage to survive by having its own unique content, which they hope will be part of the fun as the release of the game gets nearer.


Monolith conclude their message by saying that either way, now that they’ve opened the website, they’ll continue working with it and hope to establish a connection with the fans who check it out. Also a thank you for all the support.


They also opened an official Twitter account, @XenobladeJP, so it seems like we’ll hear more details about the game sooner than expected.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan sometime in Spring 2015 for Wii U. A 2015 release is being targeted for North America and Europe as well.

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