In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Weather Changes Affect Battles

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Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Planet Mira might have different creatures and landscapes compared to Earth, but their weather and climate is actually pretty similar to ours. The official website updates us with the latest details on the upcoming Wii U title.



The above video shares a look at all the different times of day and night you’ll see in the lands of Planet Mira, along with some of its atmospheric differences. The weather ranges from fair, cloudy, rainy, thunderstorms, to even auroras and rainbows. Some regions have their own characteristics with heat waves and sandstorms.


On Twitter, director Koh Kojima writes, “The idea of having a different monsters appear in the fields at day and night was already a feature in Xenoblade Chronicles. In Xenoblade Chronicles X, we have also made it so that weather affects the battles.”


“It isn’t just a visual effect,” Kojima clarified, “but is fully featured in battle tactics. Tuning the weather change cycle was fairly hard work, though…”


img_field05_01 img_field05_02

By visiting a BLADE camp, you’ll get to check a Rest Spot, which is used to change the time of the day by resting.




Lao is one of the team leaders of the private military organization, BLADE. His combat ability and sense of judgment is said to have been well-noticed by Elma.



Contrary to his looks, speech, and overall cool image, he also has a bit of a sensitive side, but he’s a passionate guy deep down to his heart. Lao has been friends with Doug since their days in the United States Army.



img_chara11-02_rDoug is a member of the private military organization BLADE. He excels at all military skills, but is the most effective when it comes to piloting Dolls. Contrary to his stern looks, he’s kind of easy to make fun of, and he often gets teased by Lyn whenever he messes up during Doll tests.



Back on Earth, he served under Elma in the Doll Squad, a government spec-ops vehicular instructor corps. He has been friends with Lao since their days in the United States Army.



The above is a look at an illustration by one of the artists working on the game, known as Rare Engine.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29, 2015 for Wii U. The game will also release in North America and Europe later this year.

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