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Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have A More User-Friendly Quest Interface

Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U will be a more “user-friendly experience” than Xenoblade in terms of quests, developer Monolith Soft have said to the U.K.’s Edge magazine. (Thanks, Nintendo Everything)


Quests in Xenoblade involved a quest log (pictured above) that could be rather long and intimidating, and executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi says that the goal with Xenoblade Chronicles X is to try and convey that information in a better way.


Takahashi said that “objectives and relevant people will be displayed on the map” and that Monolith Soft are implementing “a number of other features to help with quests” as well.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released in 2015 for Wii U.


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