Sony’s Xperia Play (aka the “PlayStation Phone”) is going to release this month in the U.K., six days after the launch of the Nintendo 3DS. Speaking with MCV UK, Sony Ericcson marketing director for UK and Ireland, David Hilton, gave a few insights into the device’s launch.


While the Xperia Play is an Android-powered phone that will be sold through mobile phone stores, Hilton says that game stores selling it is a possibility, too. “This will be the biggest marketing campaign we have had in the UK,” he revealed.


In the U.K., Xperia Play will come with Crash Bandicoot, The Sims 3, Fifa 10, Star Battalion, Tetris and Bruce Lee: Dragon Warriors pre-installed on the system. We assume Crash Bandicoot is the “legendary” title they hinted at previously.


As reported last month, 50 games encompassing both PS One software and original titles will be available for the device at launch, and Sony have hinted at franchises — not necessarily in the launch window — such as Assassin’s Creed, Dead Space, Guitar Hero and Battlefield coming to the device.


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