Xseed Are Teasing A New Game [Update]


    Xseed are teasing a new game over their Twitter feed. The only clue they provide is: “[???CLUE???] : A RAVELING NOON SOUL”.


    A follow-up tweet states: “That clue is for those who’d rather know the ‘secret’ sooner than later.”


    Take your best guess!


    Update: Xseed are giving away more hints pertaining to what the mystery game is. Quoted from their Twitter feed:

    1) It IS an anagram.

    2) “Online” is NOT part of it.

    3) It’s not actually the title of a game, but something /central/ to that game. \(^-^)/

    4. [CLUE #3] _ _ A _ O _ / _ O _ R _ _ / _ N I _ _


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