Xseed: Lunar 2 Likely Not Coming To PSN, No Plans For Metal Max 3



Hoping that Xseed will publish Lunar 2: Eternal Blue on the PlayStation Network, since they published Game Arts’s remake of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony on the PSP? Try not to get your hopes up, since Lunar 2 isn’t likely to make it to PSN in its original form.


Working Designs, a now-defunct localization publisher founded by Victor Ireland (who now runs Gaijinworks), originally published Lunar 2 on the PlayStation. Since Working Designs as a company no longer exists, the licensing rights to the game are going to be hard to sort out.


Xseed commented thusly on the matter on their Facebook page when one of their fans asked about Lunar 2:


“Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is on PSN, but only playable on a PSP (though of course we wish there was a way people without a PSP could play it on their PS3). Lunar 2 that was published on PSone likely will never be posted on PSN in its original form, but we’ve passed along the great fan feedback to Game Arts about wanting a remake so we just have to wait and see what their final decision is.”


Xseed also have no plans to publish Metal Max 3 on the Nintendo DS at the moment either, in case you were wondering. They confirmed this on their Facebook as well.

Ishaan Sahdev
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