Finally. Yes, Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon is getting a localized release and the best part is, it may even come with a dual-audio option, XSEED localization manager Kenji Hosoi revealed to IGN earlier today.


IGN: Will you keep the Japanese dub as an alternative for those who want it?

Kenji: We’ve already asked the development team to add a voice option where the player can choose from English or Japanese audio, and the initial feedback has been promising. Nothing is certain yet, but I’m sure they will do everything possible to?add that option in so keep your fingers crossed.


The interview also discusses the possibility of additional content created by Tri-Crescendo, if time allows. Fragile is currently slated for a “winter 2009” release with XSEED aiming to try and have it published by the holidays in North America. I can almost hear that haunting main theme playing in my head right now.


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