Yakiniku Simulation Brings Meat-Grilling Gameplay to PC

Yakiniku Simulation

Fresh off the announcement of Banchou Tactics, Secret Character has a more low-key title in the wings. Co-developed with Napas Torteeka, Yakiniku Simulation brings the experience of eating grilled meat alone to the personal computer [Thanks, Denfaminicogamer!].

Check out some gameplay footage of Yakiniku Simulation below.

In Yakiniku Simulation, players are given free rein over a classical in-table grilling apparatus, some meat, sauce, and vegetables. They’ll be able to grill the meat, flip over the slices to cook them evenly, dip it in the sauce (presumably representing the usual mixture of soy sauce, sesame, mirin, and sugar), and eat it.

The act of eating yakiniku has proven a surprisingly fertile ground for game concepts over the years. In 2001, Media Entertainment developed Yakiniku Bugyou (a.k.a. Yakinku Magistrate) for the PlayStation 1 in partnership with restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku. Players were tasked with preparing and serving yakiniku to satisfy impatient customers. Monkeypaw Games released Yakiniku Bugyou overseas for PlayStation 3 users as an import digital download. A sequel, Yakiniku Bugyou Bonfire! appeared on the PlayStation 2 in 2003, though it remains Japan-only. In contrast to the earlier titles, Yakiniku Simulation is more concentrated on the eating aspect of the meat-grilling experience, seemingly casting the player as a solo eater at some anonymous yakiniku joint.

Check out some gameplay footage from Yakiniku Bugyou courtesy of Youtuber spm moto.

Yakiniku Simulation is in development for PC. There is no release window or pricing information available at this time.

Josh Tolentino
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