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Yakuza 6’s Demo With Carry Over Save Data Is Now Available In Japan



Sega released a new demo for Yakuza 6 in Japan that allows players to try out a part of the game’s first chapter, and will also have carry over save data so that you can continue where you left off in the full release.


The purpose of the demo is to get players to have a taste of the game’s opening, but it has a level cap so you won’t be able to grind Kiryu’s level too high, and several play spots are also restricted.


Keep in mind that the demo is 33.8GB in size, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough space and some time to kill while it downloads.


Yakuza 6 releases in Japan on December 8, 2016 for PlayStation 4. You can download the demo here with a Japanese PSN account.

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