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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Has Kasuga Taking Tests To Improve “Human Power”


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Sega released more information today on Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s stat system, known as “Human Power”. By leveling up these stats, Kasuga Ichiban will be able to meet different requirements needed to switch job classes. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Here’s the lowdown below:

Human Power

Kasuga’s stats are split into six parameters – Passion, Mentality, Cheerfulness, Kindness, Intelligence, and Style. Increasing these stats can net you new classes at Hello Work, let you converse with people who usually wouldn’t give you the time of day, get you popular with women, and more.

  • Passion: The source of willpower and romance. Develops when you do things enthusiastically.
  • Mentality: Mental fortitude and focus stem from this. Grows when you do things that test your mental strength and concentration.
  • Cheerfulness: The source of sociability and brightness. Develops when you take actions to brighten the mood.
  • Kindness: The source of acceptance and empathy. Grows when you treat the citizens and animals and plants with kindness.
  • Intelligence: The source of education and memory. Develops when you propose logical ideas, or study.
  • Style: The source of charm and character. Grows when you cleverly conduct social interaction, and act polite and well-mannered.


How to Improve Human Power

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Human Power is improved via Play Spots, and various other actions. During substories, your Human Power may improve based on your choices. Playing, learning, and speaking to others will help improve your strengths.


Oounabara Qualifications School

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A new Play Spot where Kasuga is able to massively improve his Human Power by taking various qualification tests. These include Japanese history, to tests about Ijincho. Questions are multiple-choice.


Play Spots

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Regular Play Spots like golf, pachislot, Dragon Kart, and more, will also improve Kasuga’s Human Power.


Yakuza: Like A Dragon releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 16, 2020. The game releases in 2020 for North America and Europe. Check out an interview with the producer in our previous report here.

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