Yakuza Restoration Is Part Harvest Moon When You’re Not Beating Up Thugs

Previous Yakuza games always featured various actives to do in Kamurocho, like playing games at arcades and going to batting cages. Since Yakuza Restoration takes place during feudal Japan, I doubt there will be any local Sega centers, but there are other things Kazuma Kiryu Sakamoto Ryoma can do.

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There are 20 different vegetables and crops you can grow at home. Some will take longer than others to fully grow, so you might need to think twice before planting. They can then be used for cooking foods or sold for profit in the market.

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Fishing is another activity that will be available in Yakuza Restoration. Players can try out different lures at various rivers and lakes. Similar to the vegetables, the fish can also be used for cooking or sold profit.




Having a home wouldn’t be the same without pets! After finding stray cats or dogs in town, you’ll get to keep up to three of them at your home. By playing with them enough, they’ll show you their affection by occasionally bringing home rare items they’ve picked up.


Yakuza Restoration is slated for release in Japan on February 22nd, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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