Yakuza Restoration Is An Alternate Historical Tale Featuring Kazuma Kiryu



Earlier this week, Sega announced the next Yakuza game in Japan, titled Yakuza Restoration, with a teaser poster showing the series’ Kazuma Kiryu in the form of Sakamoto Ryoma, a prominent figure during the Bakumatsu period of Japan. This week’s Famitsu magazine shares details surrounding the upcoming game.


While the hardware for the title has yet to be revealed, but according to Famitsu, Masayoshi Yokoyama who wrote the scenario for the first four Yakuza games will be the producer, and will also be writing the scenario once again.


According to the magazine report, both Sakamoto Ryoma and Saito Hajime, a samurai and captain of the third unit of the Shinsengumi who survived the Bakumatsu period, will be portrayed by Kazuma Kiryu.


The concept behind the game is, “How would things have been different, had Ryoma had the personality of Kiryu?” or “What if Ryoma was part of the Shinsengumi, and joined by calling himself Saito Hajime?”


During this time period, the Bakufu supporters often hunted down Ryoma, and he had to create an alias to hide himself from them and others of the Shinsengumi. The idea of thinking how someone similar to Kazuma Kiryu would’ve handled it, was the amusing thought that created Yakuza Restoration.


Tosa and Kyoto will be two cities that are a part of Yakuza Restoration’s setting. The game is currently in development.


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