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Yakuza Restoration Wants You To Take It Travelling With Your Vita


Did you watch Sony’s E3 press conference? With that amazing-but-probably-impractical video of someone taking their game with them on the go? Well, that’s happening to Yakuza Restoration in a form as well. Yakuza Restoration will be getting a Vita app that lets you transfer your save data from the PlayStation 3 or 4 into the cloud and onto your Vita.


From there, you can partake in one of several activities while on the go. Once you’re done, you can then re-upload it and send it back to your console where things like items, levels and cash get transferred over.



The app will be split into a few sections once you load in, and the biggest of them all is definitely the Battle Dungeon. As you can see in the first picture, it seems you’ll actually be able to play a version of the game modified for the Vita that sees Ryoma Sakamoto beating foes up one after another in a series of waves. You’ll get to level Ryoma up, and there will also be crafting material drops that you can then craft into weapons.


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The Another Life section houses the times when Ryoma’s just chilling out at home. You can do the vegetable harvesting and fishing mini-games here that we’ve covered before.


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The final Mini-Games section is exactly what it sounds like. A collection of five mini-games, it’ll allow you to play games like Mahjong, Shogi, Hanafuda, Kabufuda… and Texas Hold’Em. Totally legit guys. The West is here! Any money you earn from this can be transferred back to the game. If you lose money, then, well… Better luck next time pard’ner? You can also play some of them, like Texas Hold’Em, online. There will be national rankings for online play as well as basic chat commands too.



Yakuza Restoration will be out on Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 on February 22nd 2014. The app is also expected to be out at around the same time.