Sega is releasing a companion app for Yakuza Zero for PlayStation Vita in Japan. This has an underground arena where you can give contenders a beat down to win prize money.


Players can also enter a gambling den with Kazuma Kiryu or visit a casino as Goro Majima to win money by playing blackjack or koi-koi. Money and items earned from the Yakuza Zero app can be transferred into the full game.


y0-vita-12 y0-vita-07


What’s even more interesting is on March 5, the Yakuza Zero App will get a game pack which adds four games for 500 yen. Players will get the Sega Genesis puzzle game Columns, Super Monkey Ball Special, Sega Mahjong MJ Single, and a port of a PC shmup called Special Attack Aircraft Carrier Beluga.


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The Yakuza Zero App is a free download and will be available on February 26 in Japan’s PlayStation Store.


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