Yandere Simulator Creator Wants To Change Its Name

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In the latest video update for Yandere Simulator the creator reveals that he wants the change the game’s name.


He explains that it was called “Yandere Simulator” in the first place just to easily communicate to players what it was supposed to be. However, since then, a lot of jokey games using “simulator” in their title have come out. And the creator of Yandere Simulator doesn’t want it to be perceived as one of those types of games, i.e. Goat Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, Shower With Your Dad Simulator, and so on.


While Yandere Simulator does contain some silly easter eggs the creator says his primary focus is on creating a serious stealth game about a psychotic girl – it’s supposed to play like Hitman, after all.


All this considered, he’s asking fans of the game if he should keep the name Yandere Simulator, or perhaps switch to another title. One he has come up with and likes it “LoveSick.” But notes that in changing the title there’s the issue of confusing people who know the game only as Yandere Simulator.


In any case, there are several polls you can participate in to help determine the fate of Yandere Simulator’s name. First, the ones relating to the game’s title:


Second, the following polls are to help the creator of Yandere Simulator find out more about the demographic interested in the game:


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