Yandere Simulator Drops Open World Town Idea For Just One Street


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YandereDev has released a new update for Yandere Simulator that shows off the latest addition to the game – a single street full of stores that takes the place of the open world town idea that was suggested long ago.


Citing the long development time of such a town, YandereDev explains that this single street houses the many functions that would appear in the previously proposed town, via a variety of stores. Yandere-chan is able to visit the street at night and during weekends. The stores available on the street include a hardware store, manga store, maid cafe, hair salon, ramen restaurant, music store, convenience store, a video game store, and an electronics store.


Each store will have its own shopkeeper (although only one portrait is currently available). According to YandereDev, they want to implement a stylized interface for this part similar to Persona 5’s. Other inspirations include some lessons learned from the Hitman games, and more.


Here are some other details from the blog:

  • It is now possible to exit Yandere-chan’s room at nighttime and visit a street.
  • The current street is an experiment/prototype just to test out the concept. There is very little functionality in the current version of the street. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback on how it could benefit the player.
  • It is possible to interact with each store, but it is not possible to buy anything yet. The items listed for sale are placeholders. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on what the stores could sell, and how they could benefit gameplay.
  • I only have one shopkeeper portrait right now, but in the future, each store will have a unique shopkeeper.
  • Besides Yandere-chan and the shopkeepers, there are 15 characters in the street scene. Two of them are well-hidden. Can you spot them all?


Check out the latest update video below:


Yandere Simulator is available for PC. Check out the intro cutscene in our previous report here.

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