Yandere Simulator Now Lets You Torture Your Victims

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If you thought that Yandere Simulator got dark with its last update – which added bullying and suicide to the game – wait until you see what has most recently been added.


Now you’re able to torture the people you take into Yandere-chan’s basement and tie up on a chair. You get a choice of how many hours you’d like to torture them. The more you torture them the more their sanity will drop.


But torturing for 12 hours or over means you’ll skip school for that day and that will drop your reputation as Yandere-chan will be considered a delinquent.


As your victim’s sanity depletes they’ll become more scared of you and start twitching. If you drain them of sanity completely (so that it’s 0 percent) they’ll become an all-obeying slave to Yandere-chan.


At that point you can take your victim to school and have them murder a target for you. They will then commit suicide after doing this act.

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