One Piece: Unlimited World RED has a release date in Japan. Namco Bandai’s Monster Hunter-esque One Piece game will be released in November for the Nintendo 3DS, V Jump magazine reveals.


In One Piece: Unlimited World RED, the Strawhat crew are in a place named Transtown, which you’ll help build up through battling and exploration. You’ll gather raw materials and, using these, help the town grow and increase its facilities. Along the way, the townsfolk will assist you with hints.


Yep, that sounds like Monster Hunter. In fact, One Piece: Unlimited World RED also assigns unique abilities to each character, which almost separates them into classes. For example, Usopp can be a sniper and Franky can create a cannon on the spot.


One Piece: Unlimited World RED will be available on November 21st for 5,980 yen. Pre-ordering the game will allow buyers to download a Luffy Exploration Costume based on the Strong World movie, as well as a quest with Portgas D. Ace as a playable character.



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