Yi And The Thousand Moons Is A Video Game Musical About A Legendary Archer


Yi and the Thousand Moons is a video game musical about a legendary archer, Yi, who has been tasked by the gods to shoot down the moons.


Yi has been tasked with shooting down the moons for the gods in Yi and the Thousand Moons. A spreading darkness has been threatening the world, so the gods aim to collect moonlight to turn it back. However, the villagers tell her that the moons are protecting the world as well, leaving the archer in a terrible predicament in deciding what to do.

Each stage of Yi and the Thousand Moons is a single song, with players moving through the song and their actions adding onto it. All of their interactions with the other characters in the world will also be made in tune to the music as well, with players working through and adding to the song based on how they choose to play.


Yi and the Thousand Moons is available now on Steam and

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