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Yo-kai Watch 2 Gets A Third Version This December



Yo-kai Watch 2 currently has two versions—Head and Founder—and similar to past games in the Pokémon series, Level-5 have announced in the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine that an enhanced third version is in development. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


The title of the third version is Yo-kai Watch 2: Headliner, or shinuchi, which means “star performer”. The word can also be used as a qualification for comedic storytellers. Considering the series’ comic nature, it could easily be a pun on the two meanings.


While the announcement didn’t share too much on extra content the third version will contain, it will have exclusive new quests and extra powerful enemies in its action mode called Yo-kai Watch Busters.


There will also be a new “Nyan” yokai [the ones that look like the popular mascot Jibanyan] called Dark Nyan. The package for Yo-kai Watch 2: Headliner will also have a special “Bunchinyan” medal, which can be read as a Nintendo 3DS QR code to get the “Jibakoma”.


Again, for the downloadable version of the game, instead of a medal, Level 5 will add a “Masked Nyan” character, as a replacement. More details on the latest features will be revealed in the near future.


Yo-kai Watch 2: Headliner will release on December 13 for 4,968 yen in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.

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