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Yo-kai Watch 3 Takes Place Both In USA And Japan



Level-5 had a lot to reveal during their big event yesterday, and one of the most anticipated title is Yo-kai Watch 3, which will be the center of the franchise’s “next season” movement. 4Gamer shares a look at some screenshots and more details on the game.



Yo-kai Watch’s next season will go through a major change in both, the game and anime series, as it will take place in the USA. This event happens when father of Keita (Nathan in the West), one of the protagonists, transfers to the United States as part of his work.


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The town that Keita will live in is called St. Peanutsburg, USA, and the place is filled with all kinds of yokai monsters. In addition to the popular duo of Jibanyan and Whisper, Keita will meet all kinds of new yokai friends, and will have challenging mysteries to solve.


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The above screenshots show us a little more of the friendly neighborhood in St. Peanutsburg.



In the next season of Yo-kai Watch, the series introduces a new protagonist by the name Inaho Misora. She’s also friends with a new yokai named USApyon. She’s a bit of an otaku, and Level 5 mentions that she’ll solve mysteries as part of a detective story in Sakura New Town in Yo-kai Watch 3.


014 018

Considering that Sakura New Town is the main city in past Yo-kai Watch titles, perhaps her story will take place in Japan while choosing Keita as the protagonist will have the game take place in the United States. There will be all kinds of other new characters as well.


019 020

The Yokai Watch device used throughout the series is also going to see an evolution as th e”Yokai Watch U Prototype” in the upcoming game. Using this new Yokai Watch, Keita and Inaho will meet all kinds of new yokai buddies.


Yo-kai Watch 3 is in development for Nintendo 3DS. Level-5 have plans for major free updates for the game after its release.

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