Nintendo Switch

Yo-kai Watch 4 Trailer Shows Intense Fight Against New Sumo Yo-kai Boss For Upcoming 1.30 Update



Yo-kai Watch 4 is getting a free update sometime in early August that adds a new sumo wrestler Yo-kai called Yokozuna – Raidenryu who is described as the ultimate new boss  that brings a new kind of sumo battle.


In addition to Raidenryu, the Ver. 1.3 update will add several more new Yo-kai to the mix.


In other Yo-kai Watch news, the very first game is getting an HD remaster titled Yo-kai Watch 1 this October in Japan for Nintendo Switch, and it includes a bonus Yo-kai for Yo-kai Watch 4.


Yo-kai Watch 4 is available in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. The game is coming Westward, but its localization is still in its early stages.

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