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Yo-kai Watch’s Ghost Friends Turned Into Spooky Desserts



It comes as no surprise to hear that Yo-kai Watch is so popular in Japan, that they’ve made snacks out of its characters. That said, these ones are extra special, as they’ve been created with attention paid to the finer details. Inside Games provides a look at the spooky snacks.



Okashi is the Japanese word for sweets, and wagashi is often used for the more traditional variety of okashi, made with delicate craftsmanship to go with high quality ingredients and detail in the work of art.


Wagashi is typically made with plant ingredients, and often with other ingredients such as mochi, or rice cake, and rice flour, making it easy to mold into different shapes or objects.


Rather than using the more traditional ingredients of azuki bean paste, the Yo-kai Watch wagashi is made to suit the taste of younger children, with fillings such as custard for Jibanyan, a sweet milk paste for Koma-san, and chocolate for Whisper.


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The above shows a closer look at the three Yo-kai Watch characters in wagashi form. While these might not be as fancy as the ones you could purchase from traditional stores, they put in quite the detail on the little parts, such as Jibanyan’s ears, Koma-san’s cheeks, and Whisper’s head.


Considering Yo-kai Watch’s popularity in Japan—yes, even their snacks will have advanced sales, starting from April 29th until May 5th at Aeon stores across Japan.

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