Yoko Taro Barges Into Gems Company As A Virtual Youtuber


yoko taro 10

As was foretold by the prophecies, Yoko Taro descended upon today’s Gems Company Virtual Cast VRadio show as a virtual Youtuber to lay judgement upon all.


yoko taro 11

Possessing Emil’s body, he answered questions from the hosts of the show, such as who his favorite character in SINoALICE is. (The answer: “I don’t like any of them as a person. However Gishin and Anki are useful in making the story, so I like them professionally.”)


yoko taro 14

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Yoko Taro also participated in games like drawing, and also sang a parody of the J-Pop song ‘Linda Linda’, replacing the lyrics with ones about Gems Company producer Yosuke Saito’s dakimakura, ending with the segment suddenly being cut off.


Finally, it seems that Yoko Taro may return for more appearances on Gems Company from now on, meaning that more chaos is yet to come. The stream where Yoko Taro appears is available on Niconico here.

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