Yoko Taro Says Voice of Cards is Not Connected to Drakengard

Voice of Cards Drakengard

Yoko Taro has confirmed that his new project, Voice of Cards, has no ties to the Drakengard series. Immediately upon the announcement of the title, Yoko Taro took to Twitter to share some information about the game. Additionally, Yoko Taro, and the Voice of Cards website, states that the title is “not a social network game.”

While members of the Drakengard development team are working on Voice of Cards, specifically Character Designer Kimihiko Fujisaka, the title has no relation or any connection to the series. As it stands, Voice of Cards seems to be a self-contained story with no connection to any of Taro’s previous works. However, there is little to no information regarding the game outside of its initial announcement.

That said, Voice of Cards will arrive as a table-top RPG that focuses on the use of cards. As of yet, no gameplay of elements of any kind have been shown. The upcoming title does currently have an official website and Twitter account, however.

Yoko Taro revealed that he would be working on a project of a smaller scale in April 2021. Yosuke Saito, Executive Producer on Voice of Cards, chimed in during the interview to reveal that the project had a “nostalgic” feel to it.

Voice of Cards is currently in development.

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