Yoko Taro Wants To Make Drakengard And NieR Sequels As Well As An Adult Video Someday

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Yoko Taro previously said he’d do NieR remake or just about anything if he gets money for it, and he reiterated that he’d also do a Drakengard sequel as well if given the funds during the SEA Summit held in Singapore on October 12-13.


Here are some highlights from the Q&A session as reported by Famitsu:


Q: Yoko Taro-san, have you ever thought about making a movie based on a game?

Yoko Taro: I’ve thought about it before, but it would require money, so first and foremost I’d like to find someone with money.


Q: What about the next Drakengard title?

Yoko Taro: I believe this one goes to the Square Enix producer who is over there, if the producer says he’ll give me money then I’ll make it anytime.


Q: What if you were to make the next NieR title?

Yoko Taro: I think I’d imagine a NieR: Automata sequel that everyone is thinking about, then make something that is not that. I’m going to ruin it, is what I’m thinking.


Q: Yoko Taro-san, you’ve touched up on video games, novels, and stage plays, so what form of media would you like to work on next?

Yoko Taro: I think this may be off-putting, but I’d like to make an adult video. I think of it as something I’d like to at least make once in my lifetime.


Q: You talked about the importance of marketing research, so does that mean you had to look into all kinds of countries?

Yoko Taro: This is about the previous title, but I was told that “machos are well-received” in foreign countries, especially in America. However, the game didn’t sell at all. Fans told me “I like macho, but that’s not what I look for in Square Enix games.” That previous title sold so-so in Japan,  so we made NieR: Automata with the concept of let’s at least have it sell in Japan. So to be honest, I haven’t studied foreign markets at all. In the end it was a hit, and we have no idea how it sold so well. However, that makes the story I told today completely meaningless.


[Laughter from the audience]

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