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Yoku’s Island Express Explores A Metroidvania Centered Around Pinball Play


Yoku’s Island Express is a Metroidvania centered around pinball, having players explore a sprawling island paradise by using their pinball skills to get around, using natural bumpers and flippers to wander the island, thump bosses, and make parcel deliveries.


Yoku is a tiny delivery creature who thought they’d be enjoying a relaxing life on the island of Mokumana, but instead gets embroiled in troubles with snoozing deities and helping the local populace with their woes all over the land.

Players are free to explore the open world of Yoku’s Island Express, going wherever their pinball skills can bounce them to. As they wander and do favors for the island dwellers, players will unlock handy abilities that change up how they can bounce their pinball around, letting them grab surfaces and guide their shot or alter their mobility in other ways, as well as powers that can affect the environments and characters. Players will also unlock character stories as they help people out, steadily finding the secrets of the island and its sleeping deity.


Pinball skills won’t just be tied to moving around the island, as players will also need to tackle cranky bosses by slamming steel balls into them in creative ways.

Yoku’s Island Express is available now on Steam, the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Alistair Wong
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