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Yomawari 3 New Areas and Monsters Detailed

Yomawari 3 New Monsters Areas

Nippon Ichi Software revealed more information regarding Yomawari 3 and the areas and monsters that will appear in it. The areas include a shopping district, an abandoned school, a derelict ship, and a graveyard. Additionally, Nippon Ichi Software outlined what kinds of ghoulish apparitions will appear in these locations. As it stands, there will be a unique monster of sorts within each area. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Each area will feature a different design and theme. For example, the shopping district will have stray dogs. These dogs appear to be barking at nothing, while another pack will impede your progress. The spirit that appears here is known as the Roadblock. It is a large furry mass made out of several eyes and mouths.

The abandoned school is more straightforward. In the school, the player will be able to obtain scraps of a diary. The diary will feature an exchange between two people about the various rumors regarding the school. Players can encounter a tall Faceless Man in the abandoned school who will begin to chase them upon spotting them. Additionally, players can check out a skeleton specimen, which has several rumors surrounding it.

The derelict ship is an area that has been left to ruin and decay. While on the ship, your flashlight and watch will go out of control. The abandoned ship is home to the Water Spirit. Players can also find an old camera, which will emit a strong flash of light. Additionally, players can use smoke bombs that will illuminate various areas on the ship. However, light provided by the smoke bombs is only temporary.

And lastly, the graveyard. This location has been left neglected for many years. Players will encounter several spirits in this location. The grotesque looking Three Spirits block the player’s path.

While screenshots of the areas were previously shown, this if the first in-depth look at places like the abandoned school and ship. Previously, Nippon Ichi Software revealed key characters that will appear in the title.

Yomawari 3 is in development. It will release in Japan on April 21, 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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