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Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter Ends With All Stretch Goals Reached



After 47 days, Playtonic’s Kickstarter campaign for its Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee has come to an end with £2.09 million raised via Kickstarter with another £30k through PayPal donations.


Playtonic reached its $175,000 funding goal early on and went on to reach every single one of its stretch goals. The last of the stretch goals was reached in the final 24 hours. It was set at £2 million and now that it’s been reached all of those backed the game on Kickstarter will receive free DLC after the game’s initial launch.


Other stretch goals that were reached add an orchestral soundtrack, an N64 shader mode, a two-to-four local multiplayer mode, and a developer walkthrough and commentary video.


The stretch goals also mean that Yooka-Laylee will launch at the same time across PC, Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 at the end of 2016.

Chris Priestman