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Yoshida Says Final Fantasy XVI Team Interested in PC Port

Final Fantasy XVI PC

In an interview on the Japanese Playstation Blog, Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida clarified his previous words regarding the possibility of the game getting a PC release. Final Fantasy XVI is going to be a PS5 timed exclusive for a period of six months after its release on June 22, 2023. During the interview, Yoshida said that the game won’t release on PC immediately after the exclusivity period, but that the development team is interested in eventually making a PC port.

Here is a direct quote from Yoshida about FFXVI, the six-month exclusivity period, and a possible PC version:

I want to make it clear that the PC version will not release in six months [after the initial release date.] (…) We would like to release [a PC version] eventually, and I think we will, but right now we are not at a stage where we can say when.

Yoshida wanted to clarify his previous statement from back in January 2023, when he told people to buy a PS5 if they wanted to play the game. In this new interview, the producer said that he didn’t mean to imply a PC version was out of the picture, but that the hypothetical PC version wouldn’t release immediately after the exclusivity period, as it would take more than six months to optimize the game for PC.

Final Fantasy XVI will launch worldwide for the PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023. It will be a timed exclusive for six months. The game could appear on PCs sometime after the exclusivity period ends.

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