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Yoshida Wants FFXVI Players to Pet Torgal

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In the past, Producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that you can pet the dog Torgal, in FFXVI. Now, he’s elaborated on this statement at the end of an interview between Yoshida, Combat Director Ryota Suzuki, and the 4Gamer interviewer about how the development team built the game for players who are not good at action games. Players will be able to manually order Torgal around and reward him for a job well done. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

While the hurdle for the difficulty of the action is allegedly fairly low in FFXVI, to make it fun for beginners, more experienced action players can customize the game to make it more challenging. This is through making a lot of the controls manual. For example, you can manually flip through your summons, give Torgal orders, use items, and such. So you will have more things to juggle in the midst of combat.

If FFXVI players do not wish to manually control Torgal, his AI will perform the most optimal action in whatever situation you’re in. As well, Clive’s status does not matter when you give orders to Torgal. This means that even if Clive takes a hit that would otherwise mess up your combo, you can order Torgal to attack before the hit lands. If Torgal’s attack goes through, your combo will remain unbroken. You can also use this logic to add variety to y our combos. If you do so, Yoshida said that he hopes that you will give Torgal the dog lots of pats, since his expressions are “very cute.”

Final Fantasy XVI will come out for the PS5 on June 22, 2023.

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